The Beau Sejour hotel and the Vieux Chalet restaurant are brothers!

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From the past…

Built respectively in 1913 and 1914 by the family Defago, the Beau-Sejour name was already on the sign of a building constructed in 1861. This was called the “ Pension Beau-Sejour , instead of what is became the Hotel de la Paix, on the other side of the road, just opposite the current location.

Bought by the Curchod family in the 20’s, the hotel restaurant was among the first hotels that lived the tourism development in the village of Champéry. This typical mountain restaurant has belonged to the Hotel Beau-Sejour until 1981.
That year, the facility was sold to the Avanthay family who decided to sell the restaurant to Mrs. Ida Gex-Collet in order to collect funds for the total renovation of the Hotel Beau-Sejour.

Since then, alternately passing into other hands, the restaurant and the hotel went their little way individually.

In 2010, when Sophie and Philippe Zurkirchen bought the Hotel Beau-Sejour, they renamed it Art.Boutique.Hotel Beau Sejour. For more on this story, we suggest you visit the website of this charming swiss boutique hotel.

… until today

Since December 2013 the Vieux Chalet was taken over by Sophie and Philippe, who now manage both establishments. With the reunification of the two buildings, they hope to offer the sympathy and hospitality sought by their hosts.

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