Chef David Baruthio

Chef David Baruthio appreciates the simple, seasonal flavors and products all the more as he has had the opportunity to travel and cook many of the most extravagant foods in his career, all over the world. He gets a Michelin bib at barely twenty, delights the taste buds of Hollywood stars at Raffles L’Ermitage at thirty, is mandated by one of the most powerful families in Mongolia to invent, open and operate the very first gourmet restaurant in the Terelj park at thirty-five, in the heart of the steppes.

In 2010, reconnecting with the American terroir, he positioned himself at the top of the culinary scene in Iowa where gastronomic refinement now rhymes with Baru 66, the restaurant he founded and which served as a laboratory of taste for nearly ten years. Every new culinary adventure, brand new restaurant, café, catering service or pop-up that he sets out to make them shine in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Nepal, the Canaries, Morocco or Portugal, are all opportunities for him to reinvent and immerse himself in the culture of the other to offer them his interpretation, authentic and sincere, of the culinary beauty of their country.

At Le Vieux Chalet, it is the wild products of the magnificent forests of the Dents du Midi (berries, mushrooms, herbs, game, flowers, honey), the tasty cheeses made from the good milk of the pastures and the meats of small local producers that the Chef marry without pomp, in the purest tradition of a friendly and tasty cuisine.

Chef David Baruthio is a Maître Cuisinier de France, his quest for precision and quality is
permanent. At his Gourmet Table, inside the Vieux Chalet, he offers his interpretation of an
international, refreshing, daring, and generous cuisine.