Au vieux chaket champéry

Some history

Since its building in 1913 in Champéry, the restaurant has seen hundreds of fests, parties, weddings, birthdays and thousands of guests. This mountain restaurant was built in the most respectful Swiss tradition. The wood from here, the sculptures and patterns in mountain style provide memories and warmth to this place full of history.

Festive tradition in Le Vieux Chalet

In its glory ages, the typical Café Restaurant Le Vieux Chalet was welcoming a lot of guests to party on the old dance floor called Le Dancing. It became the place to dance, party and have fun in Champéry.

In the Portes du soleil

In the Portes-du-Soleil domain, Le Vieux Chalet was a very well-known restaurant, a charming place where you can find a lot of Swiss specialties, but mostly, this restaurant was famous for its rotisserie. At this time, the owner had got a licence of rotisseur Master and was part of a selective circle of rotisseurs: “La Chaîne des rotisseurs”, founded in 1248. Champéry was a modest village but earned a certain fame thanks to the efforts of the different owners of le Vieux Chalet.

Today, old of more than a hundred years, the history of the Vieux Chalet continues with all its charm and fame. Its chimney still burns woods every night, entrecote, Beef rib, pork or lamb are still cooked in front of the eyes of the guests.

Au vieux Champéry, restaurant traditionel

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