Are you looking for elegant and convivial setting for receptions, weddings, family party, birthdays and other special events?

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Your Weeding in the mountains in a warm astmosphere

Organizing the best day of your life in the romantic environment of the high alpine summits and alpine pastures of the gates of the Sun is a great guarantee of success.

Choose a reception room whose decoration and soul are turned towards the values of marriage: solidity, warmth of intimacy, cozy comfort, is to offer love its best frame of fulfillment and celebration.

Our incredibly charming village, the friendly and authentic atmosphere of our chalet are the best argument for the future grooms and brides, families and groups to choose our region for your celebration.

Whether you are a romantic, idealistic, or passionate couple…

Whether you dream of a fairy-tale, magic, trendy, intimist, traditional, or majestic wedding…

We are committed to create for you the most beautiful moment of your life and to find the most suitable solutions to all your envies.
The “high mountain” architectural and environmental assets of Champéry combined with the professional training as consultant in events organisation and Wedding Planner of Sophie Zurkirchen allowed the restaurant Le Vieux Chalet to become a specialist of the organization of meals and reception of weddings turnkey.

To offer to the guests of the wedding a village overflowing with charm is to ensure a day whose framework will emphasize the importance. From limestone to centenary frameworks, through the roofs of lauzes and flowered balconies, Champéry embodies Switzerland, Valais and a whole Art of Living.

Sophie’s Wedding planner services

Looking for a complete and personalized service:

Sophie, Event Coordinator, will work with you to organize your wedding or coordinate your D Day.

You are wedding planner and look for an exceptional place in the mountains?

We know that marriage in the mountains is a trend, especially among anglophones. They come on holiday to ski and fall in Love at first sight … the mountain, the snow, the sun, the valleys are loaded with memories and transform this magical environment into a symbol of love …

Many of these holiday flames come back to their “crime scene” to make it concrete.

Do it like Lucie from perles d’émotions, call us, your projects are welcome.

The Rental of the party hall of the restaurant

Between the hotel Beau-Séjour and the restaurant Le Vieux-Chalet, we would like to offer our guests a cozy atmosphere in a typical mountain room..

Your guests have a multitude of possibilities to rent a room, create their party room.

A la carte, for a charming room rental,

Our establishment is integrated in the “mountain” environment. As warm as possible for your event, we will establish your customized rental quote. Take for example that it is possible to rent a room with or without catering services for your parties or private meetings.

Do not hesitate to contact us;

Our event organizer Sophie assisted by her husband Philippe will guide you towards the best formula

You are looking to organise a wedding in the mountains, in the heart of the Swiss Mountains, in a charming village, during the winter or the summer?
You are looking for a chic, authentic and warm place to celebrate your union?
You live in Chablais and you want a central place to gather your family and friends?
You want ideas and expertise to organise this special day?
We also organise bachelor parties and have a few ideas for fun activities!

The Art.Boutque.Hôtel Beau-Séjour, known to be one of the most welcoming hotel in Switzerland among the smallest hotels in 2013, will be the perfect charming place to host you and your guests.

The teams of the Vieux Chalet and the Beau-Séjour Hotel have the experience and the expertise as wedding planner and offer you a large choice of services to please your envies.

Animation and conviviality

mariage-groupe de cloches

Le Vieux Chalet organizes different animated, thematic, or musical evenings (whiskey and cigars tasting for example). We would be please to organise it for you on demand if you want it!.

Tell us about what kind of wedding you dream of!

Camps and Colonies

This restaurant in the Portes du Soleil is a place to meet and relax for families, local societies and sports clubs and also hosts occasional colonies and schools.

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